Biden got off Air Force One during a blizzard and people think he looked like a ‘badass’

It’s not often that the words “badass” will be used to describe President Joe Biden, or any politician for that matter, but Biden’s recent exit from Air Force One has many people impressed.

As he landed back in Washington DC in the midst of a snowstorm, President Joe Biden found himself snowed into Air Force One.

With blinding wind and snow, Biden’s exit from the aircraft was caught on video.

“President Biden braces against the snow and wind as he deplaned Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews during severe winter weather,” wrote NBC News White House Correspondent Kelly O'Donnell.

Other images show a different angle of Biden’s landing that depicts that chilling weather.

Earlier this year Biden was mocked online when he tripped as he went up the steps to Air Force One.

Now, his recent actions have landed him a much different reaction met with plenty of praise and people applauding the President for his cool demeanour.

“President Biden looks like a badass getting off Air Force One in the snow,” wrote the Palmer Report.

The event has also resulted in comparisons between Biden and former President Donald Trump.

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One tweet read, “President Biden departed Air Force One - easily walking down ice-covered stairs during a GOD damn blizzard - and Trump couldn't even seem to conquer the overwhelming complexities of... FOLDING UP AN UMBRELLA.”

“Remember in November 2018 when Trump decided to stay in a Paris hotel instead of driving 50 miles to honour America’s war dead because he didn't want to get his hair wet? Here's Joe Biden leaving Air Force One,” wrote one.

“Biden wasn’t worried about his hair getting wet,” read one tweet.

Another person said, “President Biden looks like a badass at Air force one. He isn't afraid of snow rain, unlike the other guy.”

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