Lula wins Brazil’s presidential election, ousting incumbent Bolsonaro

The people of Brazil have a new president, after Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of the left-wing Worker’s Party defeated Jair Bolsonaro in a knife-edge election.

While incumbent Bolsonaro has yet to concede, 98.8 per cent of the votes have been tallied and Lula has 50.8 per cent and Bolsonaro 49.2 per cent.

The election authority said the result was a mathematical certainty, which means that Lula will return to the post after 12 years away.

He was president from 2003-2010, and the return is even more remarkable given that the 77-year-old’s 2018 imprisonment over a corruption scandal sidelined him from that year’s election.

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The result brings to an end Bolsonaro four years of far-right politics, as Lula promised to restore the country’s more prosperous past but faces headwinds in a polarised society.

US president Joe Biden and French president Emmanuel Macron congratulated the new leader on his victory.

The result has sparked a big reaction across the world – here are the biggest memes and reactions.

Brazil’s new president elect dedicated his victory to the people of the country in a tweet containing a photograph of crowds, Lula said: “The reason for my victory was the dedication of each of you. Who believed in freedom and in the possibility of recovering the country for the Brazilian people.”

Meanwhile, Bolsonaro has raised concerns that he might contest the result given he’s so far failed to concede.

“So far, Bolsonaro has not called me to recognize my victory, and I don’t know if he will call or if he will recognise my victory,” Mr Lula said to his supporters celebrating his win in Sao Paulo.

Bolsonaro openly discussed refusing to accept the results of the vote back in 2021, making baseless claims that Brazil’s electronic voting system was vulnerable to fraud.

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