Reimagining ABBA songs as if they were about the Tories after Boris Johnson 'ABBA party' revealed

Reimagining ABBA songs as if they were about the Tories after Boris Johnson 'ABBA party' revealed
'Partygate': Boris Johnson faces fresh calls to resign after lockdown gatherings report ...

As the Metropolitan Police investigate so-called Partygate events, it has been revealed that the prime minister may have attended even more potentially lockdown breaching bashes.

Johnson reportedly joined then-fiancée Carrie in their Number 10 flat to celebrate Dominic Cummings’ departure on 13th November 2020,The Telegraphclaims, where they played ABBA songs including 'The Winner Takes It All' despite the country enduring strict lockdown rules.

Johnson has denied there was a party and declined to say whether he was in the flat that night but Cummings claimed there were photographs of the gathering which he called a “party” and said music could be heard by others in the building.

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If that is the case then that it pretty bad but at least we can't fault the PM for his banging taste in music,

But if he is going to enjoy ABBA properly he may as well commission Tory versions of the songs to really enjoy himself in style.So we did it for him:

'Dancing Queen'

When ABBA sang "Friday night and the lights are low" we think they were talking about creating an atmosphere not about making sure nobody could see people participating in potentially dodgy gatherings but hey!

'Does Your Mother Know...' that you are attending lockdown breaching parties?

'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!' (a Margarita After Midnight... in a suitcase)

'I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do'

This is an ABBA song but also Johnson's refrain in the commons whenever someone asks him if he thinks the British public should trust him.

'I Have A Dream'

Perhaps the 'pork pie plotters' could take this one and sing about their dreams of getting rid of Johnson as the leader of the Tories.

'Knowing Me, Knowing You'

Johnson, stripping his gold wallpaper from his flat when he eventually leaves Downing Street: "Walking through an empty house, tears in my eyes, here is where the story ends, this is goodbye".

'Mamma Mia'

"Here I go again" is a pretty normal response everyone has everytime a paper finds evidence of another lockdown 'party'.

'Our Last Summer...' in Downing Street if Johnson packs his bags in 2022.

(Leadership of the party is) 'Slipping Through My Fingers...'


Need we say more?

'Take A Chance On Me'

Johnson should sing this to those writing no-confidence letters to make them change their minds.


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