Comedian ridicules Sue Gray's delayed report into lockdown parties in mock interview

Content creator Rosie Holt, who regularly shares political videos on social media, has offered her take on the delayed report into alleged Downing Street parties set to be published by senior civil servant, Sue Gray.

Rosie Holt’s video - shared on Friday - came on the same day it was revealed that the Metropolitan Police had asked Ms Gray to make “minimal reference” to No 10 parties in her upcoming document, after the force confirmed it would now be looking into the issue.

In the clip, Ms Holt pretends to be a Conservative MP as she says “there is a bit of confusion now” over the report but it is actually “a very straightforward process”.

“There’s lots of confusion going around. The Telegraph reported yesterday that there was no cake, now for someone who was there… or not, that’s very disorientating.

“Was I part of an ambush, or an optical illusion?” she asked.

Ms Holt also took aim at the Met by commenting that “in order for [them] to ascertain what happened, they need Sue Gray to not ascertain what happened”.

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“And there is a logic here, because the thing with the Met is, [they are a] very fine institution – lots of great work over lockdown. Handing out fines, stopping protestors from infecting candles at vigils – very important work.

“Now [Sue Gray] needs to step back, because otherwise, she might prejudice the Met, and the Met hate prejudice. They hate it,” she added.

The parody has been widely praised on Twitter, with users describing it as “absolutely brilliant”:

Rosie’s got our vote.

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