Boris Johnson promises to create ‘galactic Britain’ but the people aren’t exactly convinced

Boris Johnson promises to create ‘galactic Britain’ but the people aren’t exactly convinced

Boris Johnson has promised to create “galactic Britain” after announcing that spaceports in Cornwall and Shetland will launch rockets into orbit next year - but the news hasn’t gone down to well online.

As the global space industry is expected to double in size within the next decade and sky-rocket to a value of £490 billion per year, Britain - whose current space industry is employs 45,000 and worth £16 billion - wants in on the action.

According to the prime minister the plan will “create more jobs by putting rocket boosters the size of a Saturn V’s F1 under British space businesses” and lead to “Global Britain becoming Galactic Britain,” The Times reported.

If the plans to create several spaceports follow through, it would cement the UK’s place in space history to become the first country to launch a rocket into orbit from Europe.

“The days of the UK space industry idling on the launch pad are over,” Boris Johnson declared.

However, from the reaction the news has gotten it seems that some people will need convincing, as many have taken to Twitter to troll “galactic Britain.”

It seems there were those who weren’t impressed with the slogan “galactic Britain.”

The announcement left many questioning just how the government will be able to launch a rocket in space when the country is currently experience fuel shortages.

Given the current fuel shortage, people thought that sending a rocket into orbit shouldn’t be a top priority, and instead of splashing the cash on this project that the government should use the money to keep the Universal Credit £20 uplift they recently cut.

While others pointed out that “galactic Britain” sounds like a plotline straight out of Doctor Who and the news has reminded fans of an particular plot in the show where a starship “Starship UK” is used to transport most the UK population (except Scotland) and its building - from series five, episode two, titled: “The Beast Below.”

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