Grismby Town fans launch petition to ban Boris Johnson from wearing team's hat

Grismby Town fans launch petition to ban Boris Johnson from wearing team's hat
Boris Johnson heckled as he arrives at Covid Inquiry for second day

If you've been glued to UK news in the past few days then you'll be aware that former prime minister. Boris Johnson is currently facing a grilling at the Covid inquiry however a garment that he has been seen wearing this week has caused some commotion.

For some reason, Johnson has consistently worn a Grimsby Town Football Club hat, not just this week, but numerous times over the past few years, much to the bemusement of football fans and residents of the Lincolnshire Town.

When asked by Grimsby Live in 2022 why he constantly wore the hat Johnson said: "It’s what I grab when I run out the house. There’s no particular science to it."

He added: "It’s a very good hat. It’s lovely and warm. What I like most is that it comes down and covers my ears."

We still don't have an explanation as to how he came to own the hat, although the current Tory MP for Grimsby, Lia Nici, is a strong supporter of Johnson.

Now though fans of the League Two side are attempting to stop Johnson from wearing the hat with a petition that aims to ban him from ever wearing it on his head again.

The petition on Eko, which was launched by John Dale, accuses Johnson of not only shaming Grimsby Town FC but also the Grismby community.

The description on the petition's page reads: "Disgraced ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson attended the Covid inquiry wearing a woolly hat bearing the letters GTFC. It is the hat worn by fans of the highly-respected Grimsby Town Football Club. Johnson has no formal connection to the club. He has never lived in Grimsby. He is using the town to add luster and glamour to his own shattered life. He is also bringing Grimsby into serious disrepute.

The note ends with a little zinger aimed at Manchester United: "This petition asks that Johnson stops wearing the hat and adopts hat more suited to his lowly status eg MUFC."

The petition already has 363 signatures at the time of writing and looks certain to achieve its goal of 400.

Whether they will actually achieve their intention and succeed in stopping Johnson from wearing the hat remains to be seen but it is likely to cause further confusion the more he wears it.

For instance, veteran BBC presenter Nick Robinson asked on Radio 4's Today Programme “What does GTFC stand for?"

In addition, the Labour leader of North East Lincolnshire council, Kathryn Wheatley was also not impressed, being quoted by the Guardian as saying: "Speaking as a Grimsby Town fan of 40 years standing, I do feel the club needs all the exposure we can get. But not that sort of exposure, thank you very much."

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