Boris Johnson sees Keir Starmer as part of 'a privileged elite' and the irony is too much for people

Boris Johnson sees Keir Starmer as part of 'a privileged elite' and the irony is too much for people
Keir Starmer defends himself over covid lockdown breach
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Boris Johnson reportedly believes Keir Starmer is part of "a privileged, metropolitan, narrow-minded elite", and the irony is too much for people to handle.

According to reports in the Sunday Times, Johnson "despises" the leader of the opposition and hit out at a man he “genuinely does not like”.

The Spectator’s James Heale tweeted about the new reports, saying: “Sunday Times claims Boris Johnson personally "despises" his opposite number.

“An ally says: "He genuinely does not like Keir. He sees this man as part of a privileged, metropolitan, narrow-minded elite uncomfortable with the raw instincts of the vast majority of British people."

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Safe to say, former Bullingdon Club member, Eton educated Johnson calling Starmer a member of the privileged elite raised a few eyebrows on Twitter.

“Says the man who was born into money, went to Eton, lived in north London and was mayor of London,” one wrote.

Another added: “Boris Johnson... product of extreme privilege... Eton... Oxford..Bullingdon.. and a gilded life in a tiny closeted world of wealth and power thinks you're all stupid enough to fall for this.”

It comes after Johnson's infamous recent Good Morning Britain interview with Susanna Reid was fact checked - revealing that some of the things he said weren't exactly accurate.

Independent group Full Fact analysed the interview with the PM, in which he revealed he doesn't know who Lorraine Kelly is, defended his "honesty" and made an absolute clanger when asked about the cost of living crisis.

Meanwhile, Starmer has also pulled out of an event today at which he would have faced questions about the police inquiry into whether he breached Covid rules with a beer and curry.

His attempts to build on last week’s encouraging local election results have been undermined by Durham Police looking again at the lockdown event in April last year, dubbed ‘Beergate’ by commentators.

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