The 11 angriest reactions to Boris Johnson allegedly calling long covid ‘b*****ks’

The 11 angriest reactions to Boris Johnson allegedly calling long covid ‘b*****ks’
Boris Johnson is 'very happy' handing over Covid Inquiry WhatsApps messages

Boris Johnson has been accused of calling long Covid "b******s".

Anthony Metzer KC, speaking on behalf of long Covid groups, told the long-awaited Covid inquiry on Tuesday that the then prime minister had a rather cavalier approach to the illness.

He said: “In October 2020, while the Department of Health and Social Care was publishing guidance on long Covid and called for recognition and support for people with long Covid, then prime minister Boris Johnson scrawled in capitals that long Covid was ‘b*****ks’.

“Mr Johnson has admitted in his witness statement that he didn’t believe long Covid truly existed, dismissing it as ‘Gulf War Syndrome stuff’. The inquiry will be concerned to probe how the former prime minister could possibly hold this view in October 2020.”

He added: “Adults and children were and still are suffering from debilitating, painful and terrifying symptoms for months and now years after infection, and yet Mr Johnson denied the truth of their suffering.

“The UK’s senior most decision-makers were dismissing, diminishing and disbelieving the very existence and risk of long Covid.”

Reacting to the allegation, people on social media were furious:

Johnson hasn't been the PM for over a year but he is still winding people up.

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