Prime minister claims he can't be anti-Russian because his name is Boris

Prime minister claims he can't be anti-Russian because his name is Boris
Boris Johnson speaks about Russia's invasion of Ukraine ahead of a Nato ...

Boris Johnson has said he can't be anti-Russian because, well, his name is Boris!

Speaking at a press conference during his trip to Nato in Brussels, Johnson dismissed comments made by Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson who said the Kremlin “sees him as the most active participant in the race to be anti-Russian.”

He said: “I think it's very very important for everyone to understand that I don’t think there is a single person round the table in Nato or the G7 who is against Russians or the Russian people.

“Least of all me. I am probably the only prime minister in UK history to be called Boris, I have that distinction.”

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The PM added he was “not remotely anti-Russian” and it was Putin’s “inhuman and barbaric” attack on Ukraine he was opposed to.

"You can be sympathetic towards ordinary Russians who are being badly led but you can be deeply hostile to the decisions of Vladimir Putin and the way he is leading his country."

Elsewhere at the conference, Johnson said Ukraine "can win" the war with Russia but said the UK was unlikely to send jets and tanks to Ukraine despite Zelensky's plea.

Overnight, the prime minister also said the UK would double the number of British missiles sent to Ukraine with an additional 6,000, and send an extra £25m to Ukraine’s military.

And a video of him which appeared to show him hanging out alone before the leaders had a photoshoot tickled people.

As for his name, Boris is actually Johnson's middle name. His first name is Alexander, and there is debate about whether Boris as a name originates from Russia or Bulgaria.

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