Boris Johnson hints at 'deep state' conspiracy theory about UK returning to EU

Boris Johnson hints at 'deep state' conspiracy theory about UK returning to EU
Boris Johnson says he is ‘proud’ of his government achievements

Boris Johnson hinted at a "deep state" conspiracy theory about the UK re-joining the EU and it was as ridiculous as it sounds.

The prime minister took a break from his post-resignation jolly to return to the commons yesterday for a confidence vote in the government.

During his waffle, he claimed that Keir Starmer and what he described as “the deep state” – a term favoured by conspiracy theorists – intended to take the UK back into the EU, despite Starmer repeatedly pledging to "make Brexit work" if elected to office.

He said: “We got Brexit done and though the rejoiners and the revengers were left plotting and planning and biding their time – and I’ll have more to say about the events of the last few weeks and months in due course – we delivered on every single one of our promises.”

He added: “Some people will say as I leave office that this is the end of Brexit … and the leader of the opposition and the deep state will prevail in its plot to haul us back into alignment with the EU as a prelude to our eventual return.”

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What a load of [redacted].

The government won the vote by 349 to 238, a majority of 111. Since then, Johnson has removed senior Tory MP Tobias Ellwood's whip for not voting - he was on a foreign trip - causing controversy.

And in the debate, Labour's Angela Rayner had the last laugh when she used Johnson's "deep state" comments against him, saying:

Looks like Johnson is prepared to leave office with a bang, not a whimper.

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