Boris Johnson's infamous expensive gold wallpaper is already peeling, Jeremy Hunt says

Boris Johnson's infamous expensive gold wallpaper is already peeling, Jeremy Hunt says
Boris Johnson snubs Liz Truss over her mini-Budget

It became one of the most talked about details of Boris Johnson’s time as PM, and now Jeremy Hunt has said that the infamous expensive gold wallpaper inside Number 10 is already peeling.

The £840-a-roll gold wallpaper he used to refurbish his flat last year raised plenty of eyebrows at the time.

But according to the Chancellor, Liz Truss had it painted over during her very short-lived stay inside Downing Street.

Steven Swinford, the Political Editor at the Times, relayed comments from Hunt during the Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year 2022 event on Twitter.

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“Jeremy Hunt reveals that Boris Johnson’s gold wallpaper was painted over by Liz Truss after it started to peel off,” he wrote.

“He tells Spectator awards: ‘I will be saying to my children scratch over there, there’s gold in them walls.’”

Hunt claimed the Johnson's infamous wallpaper was already on its last legsGetty

It's surprising that Truss found the time to do any decorating inside Downing Street, given she was in office for a grand total 45 days, and she spent most of that time proposing unfunded tax cuts.

The wallpaper became a big talking point during Johnson’s time in Number 10.

To make things worse, Westminster sources told The Daily Mail last year that specialist decorators have been recalled to the apartment to rehang the “hand-crafted” £840-a-roll gold furnishing, the work of Soane Britain interior decorator Lulu Lytle, who was spotted on site last October.

He faced questions over the source of funds for his Downing Street flat. Prime ministers receive an annual allowance of up to £30,000 a year to put towards maintaining their residency but there has been speculation that he spent £200,000 on the project.

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