People have expressed their anger after it was revealed that Boris Johnson had paid for a second ‘Brexit jet’ to use for international travel.

The news was broken byThe Independent on Tuesday, and comes after the Government splashed £900,000 on a repaint of the prime minister’s first plane, RAF Voyager, last year.

While a Government spokesperson did not reveal the cost of the second plane, they said it offers “value for money” in comparison to the “ad-hoc hire of private planes.“

The spokesperson added: “The aircraft with its Global Britain livery will promote a strong image of the role the UK plays on the international stage when it is used by the prime minister, government ministers and senior members of the royal household.”

Responding to the news on Twitter, people were quick to contrast the plane with the Government’s latest decision to give healthcare professionals a 1 percent pay rise:

Others questioned why one wasn’t enough, with several referencing former deputy prime minister John ‘Two Jags’ Prescott:

Meanwhile, one pointed out the Conservatives’ obsession with the Union Jack in recent weeks:

The costs associated with the second plane, as well as the contract with provider Titan Airways, are expected to be released soon.

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