MP Charles Walker vows to stage protest against Covid lockdown laws with... a pint of milk

MP Charles Walker vows to stage protest against Covid lockdown laws with... a pint of milk

A Conservative MP is planning a dairy-fuelled protest against lockdown – and noone really seems to understand why.

In an odd House of Commons speech, Charles Walker, MP for Broxbourne, said he will be cutting about London with a pint of milk in his hand, to somehow represent the “slide into authoritarianism” that he believes the life – and NHS – saving lockdown has characterised.

He made the bizarre speech before MPs voted on Government plans to extend emergency coronavirus legislation to October, months after the roadmap is due to end on June 21.  MPs later approved the extension by 484 to 76, a majority of 408.

Speaking ahead of the vote, Walker said “as sure as eggs are eggs” that MPs will be asked to renew legislation again at the end of September. 

“It is inevitable and anyone who thinks it is not inevitable is deluding themselves,” he said. “But I am not here to talk about eggs - I am here to talk about milk.”

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He then went on: “In the remaining days of this lockdown, I am going to allow myself an act of defiance.

“For the next few days I am going to walk around London with a pint of milk on my person, because that pint will represent my protest.”

He didn’t stop there: “Some may do other things such as protesting anxiety or a loss of career. Maybe they will be protesting this country’s slide into authoritarianism, or perhaps they will be protesting the fact we allow unelected officials to have lecterns at Number 10 to tell us how to live our lives.

“The point is these people can project what they like - what concern they have - onto their pint of milk.”

Then, referring to the only story anyone cares about this week, he went on: “If it wasn’t for the Suez Canal, ships would have to take the long journey around the entire continent of Africa which would greatly extend the ships’ journey.

“It will be of symbolic importance to me”.

Unsurprisingly, Walker’s comments were met with some online derision.

One Twitter user said:

While another commented:

Walker has always been vocal in his crusade against lockdown. Last November he was seen calling police officers a “disgrace” for arresting a woman for protesting about Covid restrictions. And he frequently speaks against the policy in parliament, despite his views being in the minority and there being no use crying over spilt milk.

Let’s just help Lord Palmer doesn’t hear about the milk curdling in Walker’s pocket as he parades around the city.

He might want to dunk his 20 year old biscuit in it.

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