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Let’s spin the wheel to create the most ridiculous but true story of the day. Let’s pick two famous people, a well-known brand, and a problem...

Right – we’ve got Ted Cruz, Joe Biden, Chick-fil-A, and a sauce shortage problem. Of course.

Cruz has blamed President Biden for Chick-fil-A’s sauce shortage problem.


Posting on Twitter, the Texas Senator posted a story about the issue, commenting: “Joe Biden is destroying America.”

For the avoidance of any doubt, Biden is not going round branches of the fast-food chain and stealing packets of sauce. What has happened, is labour and supply chain issues which the restaurant is working hard to fix.

In a statement the chain said: “We are actively working to make adjustments to solve this issue quickly and apologise to our guests for any inconvenience.”

They placed no blame on Biden, or any other politician for that matter.

And reacting to Cruz’s ridiculous claim, people were quick to mock him:

Jimmy Kimmel also joked about his comments.

Oh dear. Join us tomorrow when Donald Trump fights with Jeremy Corbyn about which ice cream flavour is the best. Not.

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