Lauren Boebert gets caught out on camera after 'vote protest' claim

Lauren Boebert gets caught out on camera after 'vote protest' claim
Lauren Boebert claims she missed debt ceiling deal vote on purpose

US Republican lawmaker Lauren Boebert has been caught out after claiming she skipped an important vote out of “protest”.

The controversial Colorado House representative claimed she intentionally missed the House vote on the debt ceiling deal, but footage has emerged suggesting that was untrue.

The bill was passed on Thursday by Joe Biden and raised the $31.4 trillion US debt ceiling, despite some rebellion by outspoken representatives from the Republican party.

One such critic and would-be rebel was Boebert, who claimed in a video that she was not allowed to do her job and “didn’t take the vote”.

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Boebert said: “No excuses, I was ticked off they wouldn’t let me do my job, so I didn’t take the vote.”

She continued: “Call it a no-show protest, but I certainly let every one of my colleagues and the country know I was against this garbage of a bill.”

But, footage later emerged that contradicted Boebert’s claim that she did not vote out of “protest” and appeared to suggest that she actually arrived too late to vote.

CNN producer Morgan Rimmer responded to Boebert’s video with a damning clip of the Republican representative running towards the Capitol entrance.

Rimmer explained: “Here is a clip from that night outside the Capitol, showing Rep. Boebert running up the stairs as though she was trying to make the vote, and me telling her that it had closed already.”

People online were quick to share their thoughts on the incident and what it might say about Boebert’s aptitude for the position she holds.

Someone argued: “You may scoff or poke fun, but in getting caught doing a hilarious little toddler run up the Capitol steps to miss the vote and then releasing a video lying about it, Boebert is truly embodying the highest GOP values: laziness, buffoonishness, and shameless dishonesty.”

Another said: “This is literally one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Perfect synopsis of how goofy, clueless, panicky and irresponsible Lauren Boebert is. Whoever her opponent is next year should start running this as a campaign ad.”

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