Ron DeSantis embarrassed by ‘epic’ political stunt at Iowa caucus

Ron DeSantis embarrassed by ‘epic’ political stunt at Iowa caucus

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Ron DeSantis has had quite the ride since he announced his candidacy for the Republican 2024 presidential nomination - from “humiliating” turnouts at rallies, to bizarre rumours about heeled boots and comparisons to The Boys’ big bad, Homelander.

Now, at the Iowa caucus he lost to Donald Trump, the Florida governor was filmed being handed a “participation trophy” by pranksters.

Because at the end of the day, it’s the taking part that counts, hey, Ron?

In the stunt, carried out by comedy duo The Good Liars (comprising Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler), Stiefler can be seen approaching DeSantis and his wife Casey with the small award.

He says: “Governor DeSantis, I want to present to you this participation trophy. Now, probably not going to win the election, right, but we’re proud of you for trying.”

While Casey laughed off the gag, DeSantis didn’t seem keen on accepting the trophy, initially reaching out for the award before awkwardly looking around for assistance.

Stielfer continues: “He’s special, he’s unique, and he’s our little snowflake.”

He was then ushered away by security, still holding the award.

While DeSantis is yet to comment on the stunt – instead taking to Twitter/X to attack rival and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley and accuse her of “running to be Trump’s VP [vice president]” – social media users have praised Selvig and Stiefler for their “epic” prank:

Previous viral stunts from The Good Liars have seen them roast National Rifle Association CEO Wayne LaPierre, replace covers for a book by Donald Trump Jr with “Daddy, please love me”, and purchase DonaldJTrump2024.com to point out that he lost the 2020 presidential election.

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