Ron DeSantis compared to Homelander as he appears ‘broken’ during Fox News interview

Ron DeSantis compared to Homelander as he appears ‘broken’ during Fox News interview

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Florida governor and 2024 US presidential candidate Ron DeSantis appears to be feeling the pressure as he pushes to be the Republicans’ choice to take on Joe Biden – to the extent that a recent Fox News interview has seen him compared to Homelander from the hit Prime Video series, The Boys.

In season three of the show, the psychopathic and unstable antagonist or ‘supe’ – played by Antony Starr – gives several interviews to the media addressing recent controversies, putting on a forced smile as the Superman parody tells reporters he’s “very excited for everyone to meet the real me”.

As for DeSantis, he sported a forced smile as he was asked about a memo from the Never Back Down ‘super pac’ – short for political action committee – suggesting a strategy for the first Republican presidential primary debate taking place on Wednesday.

“1. Attack Joe Biden and the media 3-5 times. 2. State [your] positive vision 2-3 times. 3. Hammer Vivek Ramaswamy in a response. 4. Defend Donald Trump in absentia in response to a Chris Christie attack,” it reads.

Stating the memo is “not mine” and “I haven’t read it”, DeSantis said: “I know from the military, when you’re over the target, that’s when you’re taking flak. If you look, really, in the last six to nine months, I’ve been more attacked than anybody else.

“Biden, Harris, the media, the left, other republican candidates … there’s a reason for that, because people know I’m the biggest threat.”

Except consistent polling begs to differ, with the latest survey from CBS News and YouGov showing the candidate with the biggest lead amongst Republicans is – unsurprisingly – Donald Trump with a whopping 62 per cent.

That’s more than three times the support for second place DeSantis, on 16 per cent.

And to make matters worse for DeSantis, his Fox News interview is now being mocked with Homelander comparisons:

And now we can’t unsee it.

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