A comedy group has bought the Trump 2024 website and is using it to humiliate him
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Having lost this election, a lot of people are asking the question: what next for Donald Trump?

The idea has been floated that he might run again for president in 2024.

The constitution allows it. Presidents are only stopped from running a third time if they’ve served two terms prior to that.

If he chose to run, according to Politico, he’d be in with a very good shot of winning the Republican primary and becoming their nominee.

If that’s how things go, Trump will need a campaign page.

But two comedians, preempting his 2024 run, have outfoxed the president by buying a domain he could potentially use.

The Good Liars, a comedy group run by Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, have taken credit for purchasing DonaldJTrump2020.com.

The hilarious prank now means that the domain links to a website celebrating Trump’s 2020 defeat.

The website bears a remarkable similarity to Trump’s actual website, just with more references to him being a “loser”.

To really rub salt in the wound, The Good Liars are giving the president a chance to make the domain his own.

In a tweet, they wrote: “Hey @realDonaldTrump we’ll give you DonaldJTrump2024.com if you tweet ‘My name is Donald Trump and I lost the 2020 election by A LOT. I am a loser. SAD!”.

We can’t see this happening any time soon but you’ve got to give the prankster credit for a valiant effort.

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