Jan 6. Hearing Focuses On Role Of Proud Boys and Oath Keepers

A punk band is denouncing far-right extremist groups after a former member of the Oath Keepers testified in front of the House Select Committee wearing one of their t-shirts.

The Descendants, a punk band from California, tweeted on Tuesday following the seventh hearing regarding the January 6th attack on the Capitol.

Sporting a Descendants t-shirt, jean jacket, and several facial tattoos, Jason Van Tatenhove, a former spokesperson for the far right extremist group gave insight into the dark and violent world of the Oath Keepers.

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Following his testimony, the band took to Twitter to denounce any affiliation to the Oath Keepers and groups alike.

"We completely disavow groups like the Oath Keepers and in no way condone their hateful ideology." They tweeted.

The punk band is known for their album Milo Goes to College and have been credited with influencing modern pop-punk bands like Blink 182, Green Day, and more.

Their signature design 'Milo' is a cartoon drawing on the frontman. The design could be seen on Van Tatenhove's shirt.

Although Van Tatenhove was not at the Capitol building on January 6th, as a former member he was able to speak to the group's mission.

"It includes trying to get their way through lies, deceit, intimidation and through their perpetration of violence," Van Tatenhove said.

The former Oath Keepers member also said he fears for the next election and for the future of the world if people like those in the Oath Keepers are not held accountable.

Van Tatenhove left the group years ago after realizings several members were Holocaust Deniers.

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