Dominic Cummings: ‘It’s my duty to get rid of complete f***wit Boris Johnson’

Dominic Cummings: ‘It’s my duty to get rid of complete f***wit Boris Johnson’
Dominic Cummings calls Boris Johnson a ‘joke’ following MP report into Covid ...
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Dominic Cummings has said it is his ‘duty to get rid’ of Boris Johnson, describing the prime minister as a ‘complete f***wit’.

The former Downing Street advisor described his task in removing Mr Johnson as ‘an unpleasant but necessary job’ and likened it to ‘fixing the drains’.

Speaking to New York magazine, the 50-year-old said it was only right to remove a prime minister who had won an election victory if they weren't up to the job.

The scathing interview saw him hit out at Mr Johnson and claim his only areas of interest were ‘looking at maps’ to ‘order the building of things’ in his honour.

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Cummings said: “In January 2020 I was sitting in No 10 with Boris and the complete f***wit is just babbling on about: ‘Will Big Ben bong for Brexit on 31st January?’”

When asked whether it was fair for him to be campaigning to remove his former boss, Cummings said: “What’s fairness got to do with anything? It’s politics. All this is not fair. The fact that someone wins an election doesn’t mean that they should just stay there for years, right? If you’ve got a duffer, if you think someone can’t do the job, or is unfit for the job.”

Cummings hit out at the Prime Minister once againLeon Neal/WPA Pool/Getty Images

“You know, as he said to me: ‘I’m the f***ing king around here and I’m going to do what I want.’ That’s not OK. He’s not the king. He can’t do what he wants. Once you realise someone is operating like that then your duty is to get rid of them, not to just prop them up.”

It comes after Cummings sent evidence to the Cabinet Office inquiry led by Sue Gray. He also claimed evidence is being kept from Sue Gray’s investigation into drinks parties at No 10 and Whitehall because staff fear it will be seen by the prime minister.

“I know others are very worried about handing things to the Cabinet Office because they know the PM will see everything SG [Sue Gray] collects,” Mr Cummings said in a recent blog post.

A redacted version of the report could arrive later today.

Dominic Cummings left Downing Street in November 2020 AFP via Getty Images

The Cabinet Office official was asked to investigate allegations about gatherings held in 2020 and 2021 while Covid restrictions were in place. Mr Cummings said he would be doing a question-and-answer session on his blog after the report is released.

Meanwhile, Mr Johnson has said he “sticks absolutely to what he’s said in the past” about alleged lockdown-breaking parties in Downing Street.

The prime minister refused to be drawn when asked if the report into the gatherings would be a “whitewash” after the Metropolitan Police requested parts be redacted.

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