Dominic Raab has savaged Peppa Pig World, brutally describing it as “a day in my life I won’t get back”.

Speaking to Sky News’ Kay Burley, the Tory minister said he had been to the attraction with his children who “loved it” but he clearly wasn’t as big a fan.

“It’s a day in my life I won’t get back,” he said, smiling. He then backtracked (slimy politicians, eh!) and added: “It’s quite fun. When they’re at that age it’s quite fun”.

It comes as the fallout of Peppa Pig Gate continues, after Johnson lost his place in a speech to the CBI on Monday, made an impression of a car and told unimpressed business leaders that he had spent the weekend at the attraction, urging them to do the same.

In doing so he unleashed a tirade of scorn from people sick of his jokes and quips, though it seems clear he is not the only politician obsessed with the character.

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Elsewhere on the broadcast rounds, Raab described Peppa Pig as “a fantastic British export”, after he was challenged by a BBC reporter on whether the bumbling speech evidenced Johnson’s incompetency.

“In relation to Peppa Pig it is a fantastic British export around the world and I think that was the point the prime minister was making,” he said.

“The prime minister’s on great form.

“If we listened to the Labour Party we’d still be in lockdown.”

Normal country.

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