The name ‘Donald’ hits all-time low popularity after four years of Trump
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More bad news for Donald Trump: according to a list of popular baby names sent out by the Social Security Administration, only 444 people committed their baby to carrying the same name as the former president in the last year.

The news follows a revelation earlier this month that the name Karen had plummeted in popularity as well, suggesting that people don’t want their babies to enter the world with any sort of negative reputation.

While the name has steadily fallen in popularity each year since Trump took office in 2017, 2020 saw its steepest decline, plummeting the name from 555th on the list to 610th. That’s a full 55 place drop.

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In 2017, 602 babies were named Donald. The following years saw 539 in 2019, and 507 in 2019.

Interestingly, 2017 saw an increase in the name’s popularity, pushing it from 489 on the list to 485. It’s unclear if the letdown of his presidency to some of his supporters was behind the shift following that.

Data from the Social Security Administration shows that presidents’ names tend to go down in popularity during their terms in general, so Donald plummeting isn’t exactly rare. Even if you do like the president in office, it’s confusing to call your baby by the same name.

The rest of the family names are up and down. Tiffany and Eric have been descending along with Donald since Trump and his family came into power, with Tiffany falling near 100 spots down on the list. Jared also took a hit.

Melania, meanwhile, soared in popularity in 2017, only to fall since then.

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But Donald’s favorite child, Ivanka, has been favored among the list as well. Though the name peaked in 2017, it rose slightly from 2019 in 2020, with 106 new Ivankas coming into the world.

Meanwhile, 134 new Barrons are out there down, up slightly as well. Though that name, like all of the Trumps’, peaked in 2017 as well.

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