Why Donald Trump could be forced to spend rest of his life in Florida
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Florida could become former president Donald Trump’s forever home...

On Thursday, Politico  reported that law officials in Palm Beach County, Florida are preparing for potential indictments and arrests directed at Mr Trump from other states.

In a conversation with MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, Robert Mueller’s former senior prosecutor and general counsel Andrew Weissmann, said Mr Trump could be effectively stuck in Florida for life if other states filed charges against him.

“So, this happens all the time in foreign countries where essentially you have people who are sort of imprisoned in a country,” he said.

“Here, Donald Trump would be imprisoned in Florida. If he went overseas, if he went to any other state, he would be subject to those laws, and so he would really have to stay in Florida.

“It certainly would be quite an interesting issue if he were to, for instance — this is way down the road — but if he tried to run again, he would not be inhabiting the White House in that situation because there would be papers seeking his extradition to New York.”

While Florida governor Ron DeSantis could intervene in the case to delay it, Weissmann said that would be unwise as other states may then choose to make it difficult for Florida to bring wanted criminals back to its own state for prosecutions.

Bloomberg columnist Tim O’Brien told MSNBC that he thinks a “very advanced” financial fraud investigation is underway.

O’Brien also notes that if there is an indictment of Trump, he can be served papers “wherever he is” but he won’t be served unless the case is “bulletproof.”

He also doesn’t think that Cy Vance, the Manhattan District Attorney, would go out of his way to do this without it being seamless.

Most criminals would try to hide from the public to avoid being arrested, but for Trump, O’Brien notes that he might not follow this advice and possibly try to get his supporters to keep the police away from him.

“I don’t think he’ll have any hesitation to try to encourage his supporters to surround Mar-a-Lago to keep the police at bay,” O’Brien said.

Check out the conversation between Nicole Wallace, Andrew Weissmann, and Tim O’ Brien below.

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