Jan 6 hearings: Donald Trump Jr tries to explain Godfather reference

A compilation video has cut together all the strange sounds Donald Trump Jr. made while giving a speech at Turning Point USA - and it's unsettling.

On Saturday, Trump Jr., 44, gave a speech to young attendees of the conservative conference held in Tampa, Florida. Some of his points included speaking about his social media presence, President Joe Biden's apparent failures, and more.

But in-between his jokes and rants about liberals, people noted Trump Jr. made some strange sound from breathy laughs to exaggerated character voices.

On Twitter, the Lincoln Project tweeted a one-minute long video with the caption "the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the tree" showing all the different sounds the former first son made.

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Set to upbeat music, the video entitled "the many sounds of Don Jr." included some highlights from Trump Jr.'s speech where he used funny voices.

Waving his hands around to the crowd, at one point Trump Jr. yells "he is at the later stages of Alzheimers and dementia combined" seemingly speaking about President Biden.

Various moments show how Trump Jr. takes up space on the stage, performing physical bits like walking in a circle, using hyperbolic expressions, and waving his arms around.

There was even a moment showing Trump Jr. slipping up a sentence, saying "there's not a fingle sing" instead of "there's not a single thing".

If anything, the video highlight's Trump Jr.'s ability to capture an audience with his high-energy and exaggerated personality. Often on social media, Trump Jr. posts videos of himself ranting about various topics where the same energy can be seen.

In response to the compilation video, people questioned how the 44-year-old managed to keep the crowd of young conservatives engaged with his chaotic speech patterns.

Self-proclaiming himself to be the "meme war general", Trump Jr often resonates with younger conservatives online because he posts silly memes that engaged with a younger audience.

Turning Point USA is a nonprofit that advocates for conservative values in younger people like high school and college-age individuals.

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