Donald Trump Jr says his father only praised dictators to ‘play’ them

On Wednesday, former first son Donald Trump Jr. decided to share his thoughts on how he believes Putin's invasion of Ukraine would have gone if his father was still president. Spoiler alert: he believes it would not have happened.

In the five-minute video Trump Jr posted to rumble, the 44-year-old speculated why Putin did not invade Ukraine while Trump was in office. "[Trump] knew exactly how to play these guys and he played it like a fiddle", Trump Jr. says.

One of the criticisms Trump received while president was engaging with dictator world leaders like Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin on social media and in person.

However, Trump Jr. says his father's interactions were strategic and prevented world wars. "Donald Trump was smart enough to play the game where it mattered not in the eyes in the media who are incapable of comprehending anything."

It doesn't seem that people on social media are taking well with Trump Jr.'s hot take about his father's foreign policy stance.

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"It's why North Korea wasn't testing their missiles, it's why China wasn't flying sorties over Taiwan, it's why Putin didn't invade Ukraine over very similar circumstances." Trump Jr. said.

It should be known that the largest nuclear test ever conducted by North Korea was in 2017. Additionally, Russian-backed separatists in Ukraine continued to fight Ukrainian soldiers all through 2015-2020.

However, most notably Trump issued $330 million worth of weapons to Taiwan in the event of a Chinese invasion, which caused tension between China and the US.

Many may recall Trump often tweeted threatening North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un if he continued testing military weapons and became the first sitting president to step foot in North Korea. Or when Trump would praise Putin and claim the US needed Russia as an ally.

At the time, many politicians considered Trump's behavior dangerous and impulsive. Several pieces of evidence have realized Russia helped Trump win the 2016 election.

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