Donald Trump Jr’s cringiest memes of 2021

Donald Trump Jr’s cringiest memes of 2021

Donald Trump Jr is a self-proclaimed "general in meme wars,” according to his Instagram bio.

Which is a far nicer way to describe what his online presence really resembles: an out-of-touch boomer mom.

Son of the former president, Don Jr has shared countless memes, oftentimes multiple a day, on his Instagram and Twitter accounts—constantly seeking validation from others that he really is funny, honest!

For a person who frequently boasts how little he cares about the opinions of others, the social media-obsessed Don Jr shares memes on his accounts for the purpose of receiving nothing but comments from like-minded individuals, as he has often limited his comments to those he follows.

While some memes (most of them) are just plain corny, others shared by Trump Jr are downright disturbing.

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And in honor of the year coming to an end, we’re doing a deep dive into some of junior’s cringiest memes of 2021.

Sure, his posts might earn him some laughs from his fellow Republicans, but for the most part, people aren’t laughing with him—but at him.

On his father

OK, why does this man post so many memes based on his father?! Trump Jr.’s posts on former president Trump have surpassed ‘proud son’ and reached a new level of obsession.

On Pete Davidson

....does he want to date Pete Davidson too?

On Kyle Rittenhouse

Not only does Trump Jr think Rittenhouse did nothing wrong, but he often celebrates, no praises, Rittenhouse as a “hero”

A surprising amount of Sesame Street related memes (which he calls muppets in one) a lot of them

On Covid-19

On Joe Biden

On Fauci

On Melania Trump

On LeBron James

If Trump Jr went face to face with LeBron do you think he’d be this brave?

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