EU official has a bizarre way of making the UK feel guilty about vaccines

EU official has a bizarre way of making the UK feel guilty about vaccines

An EU official has made a snarky comment about the UK hitting its vaccine targets.

Speaking to CNN, an anonymous senior diplomat poured cold water over the UK’s jabbing jamboree and condemned it to isolation.

They said: “You might feel very happy on your little island when you are all vaccinated, but your island might feel very small when you cannot leave it because your neighbours are not vaccinated.”

The diplomat’s comments come amid widespread shock that the UK has actually done something right during the pandemic. Over 30 million people have received the first dose of a coronavirus vaccine and some 3.7 million have had both doses.

Meanwhile, EU countries such as Belgium, Hungary and Slovenia are behind in their own vaccine rollout, not least because Germany, France and other nations halted the use of AstraZeneca vaccines following some reports of people getting blood clots as a side effect.

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The use of this vaccine was resumed after The European Medicines Agency (EMA) confirmed it was “safe and effective” and said that this side effect was rare.

And Boris Johnson has repeatedly goaded the EU by stating that the UK’s successful vaccine rollout would not have been possible without Brexit.

The EU for its’ part has considered banning exports of some of the vaccine’s elements so that its member states can catch up, causing Johnson to criticise the bloc.

The quote saw many folks on Twitter compare it to Peter Marsh, the infamously bad loser fromCome Dine With Me in 2016.

With this latest dig, it seems that diplomatic relations between the EU and its ex will be strained for a while yet.

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