Gary Lineker shares hilarious story about a confrontation with an old woman over a lost phone

Gary Lineker shares hilarious story about a confrontation with an old woman over a lost phone
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Former footballer turned pundit and social media whizz Gary Lineker managed to get into a bizarre showdown with an old lady on Monday after he attempted to find his lost mobile phone.

The Match of the Day host is very active on Twitter and often shares his amusing anecdotes and Dad jokes but he really excelled with this story.

According to the 60-year-old former England striker he had managed to misplace the phone on a trip to the shops. On his way home, he stopped on a bench to eat a sandwich which is where he thought he’d lost the device.

Lineker said that he couldn’t find the phone upon returning to the bench and it wasn’t at the shop either. Returning home, he consulted a repairman who had come to fix his television, who rang Lineker’s phone twice. Someone actually answered on the second attempt, but there was no reply.

The repairman then asked Lineker if he had the ‘find my iPhone’ app. Lineker did have the app on his iPad and soon discovered that the phone wasn’t too far from his home. He and the TV man then went in search of the phone and found an old lady sat on a bench nearby where the phone was supposed to be.

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Lineker explains that he asked the woman if she had seen the phone but was ignored. They then used the ‘play sound’ option to see if they could hear the phone. Amazingly, they could hear it and in a shocking twist, the sound was coming from the old lady’s handbag.

“Oh, you’re looking for this phone?” the woman replied to which Lineker said: “Erm...yes we are.”

Perhaps the funniest part of this whole saga was Linker’s initial attempts to share the story as a Twitter thread but somehow managed to miss crucial parts of the story and deleted the other parts of it.

All’s well that ends well then and , or those wondering, Lineker’s choice of sandwich was egg and cress (no details on whether he had any of his favourite Walkers crisps to go with it).

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