'Festival of Brexit' roasted for getting just 238,000 visitors in four months

'Festival of Brexit' roasted for getting just 238,000 visitors in four months
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The "Festival of Brexit" has attracted just 238,000 visitors in the last four months – a fraction of their expected target.

Launched in 2018 by Theresa May, the £120m Unboxed scheme aims to celebrate UK creativity. Still, it has since adopted the nickname of the "Festival of Brexit", which has seemingly damaged its reputation.

The official figures show the festival was expected to attract 66 million people – a far reach from reality.

Unboxed’s chief creative officer, Martin Green, believes the drastic shortfall is a result of the nickname. He revealed to House magazine that he only took the job because ministers promised it would not be a "Festival of Brexit" or "jingoistic jamboree".

He told the outlet: "It hasn’t left us. And we all must learn from this. Rule one of major events: don’t politicise them. And unfortunately a few chose to politicise it from the beginning."

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In March, the Commons’ digital, culture, media and sport committee took a swipe at the project, calling it "an irresponsible use of public money." They also added it was "vague and ripe for misinterpretation."

In response, Green revealed to the magazine: “Unfortunately, it appears the role of select committees is just to bash the department […] We said to them, in two weeks, we will gladly take you through every project in detail. And they did not take us up on that offer, which I think shows where their interest actually was.”

News about the poor results soon spread to Twitter – and well, you can only guess what happened next.

One said: "The festival of Brexit being a massive flop is pretty much on point."

Another added, "If there are THAT many Remainers that the Festival of Brexit was a failure because of us. That suggests that maybe, just maybe, there aren't many people left who believe in Brexit..."

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