<p>People couldn’t help but notice the hypocrisy from the Fox News headline.</p>

People couldn’t help but notice the hypocrisy from the Fox News headline.

Fox News

“Making an informed choice about regarding your own body shouldn’t be controversial.”

Now, where do you think this quote is from? A Planned Parenthood advert, perhaps?

You would be sorely mistaken – this is a headline that conservative TV network Fox News used when defending those who decided not to get the Covid vaccine.

We honestly couldn’t make this up if we tried.

Senator Ron Johnson, a known vaccine skeptic, who tested positive for the virus back in October, previously said to radio host Vicky McKenna that he was “highly suspicious” of the effort to vaccinate Americans against the deadly virus and saw “no reason to be pushing vaccines on people.”

This week, Tucker Carlson interviewed the Republican senator where he explained why he decided to not get the Covid vaccine at the moment (because he has a “high” amount of antibodies after getting Covid, apparently).

Carlson begins: “Anyone who wants to take the coronavirus vaccine can... there’s no problem getting it, you can even get it for free and that, you would think, would be enough if you’re worried about Covid, if you’re high risk from Covid... it’s your choice, you can take the vaccine.”

Carlson praised the Wisconsin senator for admitting he refused the vaccine, adding: “Brave of you to admit your personal health decision in public.”

Johnson then complained that “media bias had run amok” after the criticism he has received for not getting the vaccine.

He said: “This should not be a controversial issue. I’m a champion of right to try legislation but the corollary of that is the right to choose as well.”

Johnson said he had talked it through with a doctor and that he’s “not going to get vaccinated” right now, although he will “reconsider this later on.”

The headline that appeared on screen during the interview was “Making an informed choice about regarding your own body shouldn’t be controversial.”

The idea of being able make a choice about your own body is synonymous with a pro-choice stance to abortion – something that pro-lifer Johnson has voted against.

He even described the landmark case of Roe v. Wade as a “real tragedy”.

Of course, social media took the chance call out the hypocrisy and mocked the headline for being unintentionally left wing.

Pop-star and pro-choice campaigner Halsey also shared her amusement at the headline with posting a screenshot to her Instagram story with the caption “When you’re so far right, you’re accidentally left.”

Halsey shared the image to her 24.3 million followers.Instagram/iamhalsey

Of course, while an abortion only affects the woman’s body, a vaccine is not only to protect ourselves, but to protect everyone around us.

Basic science shows that if everyone is not vaccinated, the virus can mutate and cause new variants – like the ones we are currently seeing in India, and previously Brazil and Kent.

If there are new variants, they may be resistant to the vaccine, which is why there is a global push for people to get vaccinated.

So – we guess Johnson won’t be supporting pro-life bills anymore?

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