Gary Lineker savagely took down three Tory MPs who accused him of breaking impartiality rules

Gary Lineker savagely took down three Tory MPs who accused him of breaking impartiality rules
Grant Shapps warns Gary Lineker to 'stick to football' after Rwanda plan …
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Shock horror, Tory MPs have been getting mad at Gary Lineker again after he signed a letter urging the government to scrap the controversial Rwanda plan.

The plan, which costs £140m, was recently struck down by the Supreme Court for creating a “real risk” of leaving refugees open to human rights breaches.

Lineker criticised the plan, saying: “We need a new system that reflects the will of the British people who have opened their homes, donated and volunteered in their local communities.

“That’s why I’m backing this new campaign, because fair really can begin here."

Unsurprisingly, several Tory MPs have hit out at Lineker and urged him to ‘stick to football’ and referred to him as an “overpaid crisp salesman”.

Jonathan Gullis accused Lineker of breaking BBC impartiality rules, writing: “Yet another breach of the BBC’s impartiality rules by Gary Lineker. But, sadly, spineless Tim Davie will do nothing about it, having surrendered to Lineker previously.”

Lineker hit back by writing: “Jonathan hasn’t read the new guidelines….or, should I say, had someone read them to him?”

Lee Anderson, who is the Conservative deputy chairman, wrote on Twitter/X: “For once in his life, Gary’s absolutely right - we do need a system that reflects the will of the British people.

“What the people want is to stop the boats and to tell overpaid crisp salesmen to put a sock in it.

“Alongside cracking down on illegal migration, we need another robust system which keeps Lineker as far away from the public as possible, to give us all a rest from his left-wing, out-of-touch nonsense.”

The Match of the Day presenter hit back by criticising the Tories, writing: “I guess we’ll find out what the will of the British people is at the next general election. If you do end up out of work, I’ll put in a word for you with Walkers Crisps.”

Finally, after Grant Shapps criticised him, Lineker referred to Shapps’ aliases controversy. It was previously revealed that Shapps held a second job as a “multimillion-dollar web marketer” under the pseudonym Michael Green while also an MP.

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