Florida mayor to DeSantis: Send migrants, funding to Gainesville

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has apparently made a game out of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' controversial decision to move migrants in Texas to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

According to The Daily Beast reporter Roger Sollenberger, the NRSC allegedly sent out an email to supporters warning them about "Biden's border crisis" and asking for suggestions as to where Republican governors should move 'illegal immigrants' next.

Of the options, the NRSC included "Barack Obama's house", "The White House", "San Francisco" or "other".

Seemingly, these suggestions were meant as a joke.

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But many people did not find the supposed poll funny as the situation surrounding migrants is serious.

"The Republican Party finds cruelty amusing. No decent American can vote for these people," Mark tweeted.

"This is immoral. It is cruel. They think it's a joke. I can't believe decent human beings continue to vote for a party that both creates and then jokes about this immorality and cruelty," Tim wrote.

Last week, approximately 50 Venezuelan migrants landed in Martha's Vineyard on flights paid for by DeSantis. The transported migrants were part of a state program that transports "unauthorized aliens" out of the state.

The decision to have migrants land on the Massachusetts island was already met with controversy but it wasn't until this week that it became a full-blown debate.

The Venezuelan migrants claim they were misled and lured onto the flights with false promises of jobs in Boston or Washington DC.

Two lawsuits have emerged against DeSantis in the wake of the allegations.

The NRCS is the Republican committee that is "solely devoted to taking back the Republican Senate Majority". Rick Scott (R-FL) is currently the chairman.

We reached out to the NRCS for comment.

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