Herschel Walker's 'prop' badge is the internet's new favourite meme

Herschel Walker's 'prop' badge is the internet's new favourite meme
Herschel Walker apparently pulls out badge during debate

Republican Georgia senate candidate Herschel Walker has unwittingly found himself at the centre of one of the biggest meme trends on Twitter right now after he pulled out a badge during his Friday night debate with Sen. Raphael Warnock.

The former NFL player was accused of by his opponent of previously pretending to be a member of law enforcement. Walker responded by showing what he said was an honourary police badge but he was soon criticised by moderator Tina Tyus-Shaw, as the use of props is against the rules of the debate.

Walker protested this and claimed that the badge was not a prop and that it was "real."

After the debate, the consensus was that the winner of the debate was a split decision however Walker's little badge incident proved to be more than enough to spark the internet into action and memes of Walker were soon flooding Twitter, with politicians like Ilhan Omar and news hosts Joy Reid even joining in.

As per Media ITE, Walker has previously claimed that he was an FBI agent before later adding that the claim was a 'joke'. After the debate, he said that he has received numerous badges for his work in law enforcement. In August, he tweeted an image of a Special Deputy Sherrif badge that he received from the Cobb County Sheriff's Office, despite the title coming with no official authority.

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