Hillary Clinton just trolled Steve Bannon with these 5 words

<p>Hillary Clinton</p>

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton mocked Steve Bannon on Twitter with a simple five words following his surrender to the FBI on Monday.

Bannon, who was charged with two counts of criminal contempt after refusing to comply with a subpoena concerning the January 6 U.S Capitol riot, surprised many when he decided to turn himself in (and livestreamed the whole thing).

While Clinton did not address Bannon’s actions explicitly, she did respond to a tweet in a rather tongue-in-cheek manner that referred to Donald Trump’s former political strategist.

In response to a tweet from Jennifer Hayden asking, “You know who is not going to jail and has never been indicted for anything?” The tweet was accompanied by a gif of Clinton with a wide smile on her face.

Hayden added: “Hope you have a great weekend @HillaryClinton.”

Following Bannon’s arrest on Monday, the Former Secretary of State acknowledged the tweet: “Thanks, it was quite restful.”

Of course, Clinton’s savage tweet was met with praise by others online.

Former president Donald Trump took it upon himself to slam Clinton every chance he got, so it only makes sense that she would return the favor.

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