New foreign secretary James Cleverly is really into Warhammer

New foreign secretary James Cleverly is really into Warhammer
Equating Saudi Arabia to Putin is 'ridiculously distasteful', says James Cleverly

'Nerds' around the UK are feeling well represented after it was revealed that newly-appointed foreign secretary James Cleverly is really into the board game Warhammer.

On Tuesday, Cleverly was promoted to the front bench in his new role by the new Conservative Prime Minster Liz Truss.

Twitter user Ben made the observation as he uncovered a 2012 tweet on Cleverly’s account that revealed he liked a YouTube video titled: “How to paint Astorath The Grim? Warhammer 40000 | Blood Angels.”

Ben wrote: “A huge day for nerds everywhere. James Cleverly is the first openly Warhammer-painting person to hold one of the great offices of state.”

He also pointed out that there is more recent evidence that backs this up, as Warhammer paraphernalia was spotted in the background of an interview Cleverly did with the BBC in 2021.

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The news received a mixed reception from fellow Warhammer players, many of whom were disappointed that a Tory was the one representing them.

One person wrote: “I feel sick.”

Another warned: “Don't make me respect them.”

Someone else said: “And this shows the limitations of representation politics - he consistently supports economic policies that makes Warhammer painting unaffordable for the vast majority.”

“My opinion of Cleverly has fractionally improved on learning this,” another wrote.

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