6 things that outnumber the amount of votes Jayda Fransen got in the Wakefield by-election

6 things that outnumber the amount of votes Jayda Fransen got in the Wakefield by-election

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Now that we’ve finished laughing at how absolutely tragic it is, here’s a reminder that far-right activist Jayda Fransen (formerly of Britain First and the English Defence League) was utterly humiliated at the ballot box on Thursday night when she stood in the Wakefield by-election.

Securing a laughable 0.1 per cent of the vote and finishing last – The Official Monster Raving Loony Party secured 0.6 per cent with 171 votes – independent candidate Fransen ended up with just 23 votes.

Yes, you read that right. 23 votes.

We’re not giggling, honest (we definitely are).

If you aren’t familiar with Fransen’s previous actions and behaviour, she was jailed alongside Britain First leader Paul Golding in 2018 on several counts of religiously aggravated harassment. She was found guilty of the same offence two years prior after she hurled abuse at a Muslim woman wearing a hijab.

As for her time as a political candidate, last year saw her attempt to take on Nicola Sturgeon in her Glasgow Southside seat in the Scottish Parliament (she lost that one with 46 votes) and it saw her trying to be elected in Batley and Spen (she lost that one too, with 50 votes).

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Earlier this year, when there was a by-election to find the next MP for Southend West following the murder of Sir David Amess, Fransen decided to try her luck there.

She lost again, only garnering 299 votes.

Now, with only 23 votes to her name in Wakefield, it appears as though this is her worst performance yet.

And in case it’s difficult to imagine what 23 people look like (we get it, we don’t socialise much ourselves), here’s a handful of things which are bigger in number than Fransen’s pathetic election attempt.

1. The average primary school classroom

Government data tells us that’s around 26.6 pupils.

What is doesn’t tell us – but we know this already – is that even they would do a better job as an MP than Fransen and her hatred.

2. The number of Lynx deodorants

Turns out there’s more than just Lynx Africa.

They also smell much nicer than Frasen’s politics.

3. The number of Walt Disney’s Oscars

The famous animator personally won 32 Academy Awards during his lifetime, and we’re including this one purely to take the Mickey.

4. The number of Uranus’ moons

While Fransen is a way off the 27 moons orbiting the seventh planet in our solar system, she’s the butt of the joke here.

5. The number of bones in the human hand

That’s 27, and we’re grateful to the thousands of people who used them to put a cross in literally any other box but Fransen’s.

6. Number of yellow cards given to Roy Keane

The former Manchester United and Ireland hard man had a reputation of taking no prisoners on the football pitch and managed to pick 69 yellow cards in his career. That's three times the amount the votes that Fransen got on Thursday.

Hopefully this time the far-right activist recognises her views aren’t welcomed in modern society.

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