A photo of Jill Biden reading in a chair somehow triggered Republicans

A photo of Jill Biden reading in a chair somehow triggered Republicans

Jill Biden is heading to the G7 summit in the UK this week with her husband, the president, and Republicans are very mad that’s she’s been brushing up on the issues.

The First Lady sent out a tweet showing her at a desk on board Air Force One, reading official documents and newspapers, on Wednesday afternoon.

The summit, which is heavily focused on the impending climate disaster, takes place in Cornwall this weekend.

“Prepping for the G7,” she captioned the tweet.

It was immediately met with furious responses, mostly from Republicans, who were unhappy to see her presuming a role in the event.

“Where is Joe?” the House GOP account responded.

First Ladies have traditionally had a big role in their husbands’ jobs, particularly when it comes to diplomacy. The president’s wife is meant to host state dinners, and being up to date on the events of the day - and the reason for these dinners - is part of that.

It’s also worth noting that most presidents in history recall turning to their wives for advice on matters of their job, likely because their lives are interested in the country.

So it’s not really surprising that this First Lady should publicize that role, since most of what the first family does is publicized.

It’s also one of the many occasions of hypocrisy from Republicans, who championed non-elected Trump family members taking on official roles, particularly Ivanka, who was often sent as an official state representative.

Still, the responses in support of the First Lady were fun and supportive.

One Twitter user even managed to send a special note to Dr. Biden about the right way to eat scones at the summit’s specific location.

This is exactly the sort of intel any state official needs.

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