Keir Starmer has attempted to launch a personality by claiming his nickname is “Special K” but it's backfired.

On a visit to the Kellogg’s factory in Manchester this morning, the Labour leader joked with reporters and said he shared a name with one of the cereal manufacturer’s well-known brands, saying: “I’ve been dubbed Special K since I was born.”

“K for Keir,” he added in case it needed explaining.

But reacting to his quip, some people wondered why no-one had told Starmer, the former director of public prosecutions, that “Special K” is not just an innocent breakfast cereal, but also a reported nickname for the drug ketamine:

Others wondered why he felt it necessary to explain that the K is “for Keir”. No sh*t...

Elsewhere on the visit, Starmer met with business leaders to discuss the ongoing HGV lorry shortage issue and slammed Prime Minister Boris Johnson over his handling of the crisis.

Ahead of the visit he said: “Boris Johnson failed to act when industry warned him of driver shortages months ago, allowing this chaos to develop.

“Without an adequate plan to recruit and train more drivers now, the chaos will continue as demand rises in the run-up to Christmas.

“Britain needs a high-wage high-productivity economy, but this Government has no plan to get there.

“Instead, wages are stagnant, bills are rising, and the Conservatives are raising taxes on working families and small businesses.”

Words to mull over during your morning bowl of cereal...

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