Kenya's Communist Party goes viral after rappers made a campaign video

Kenya's Communist Party goes viral after using rappers in the campaign video

For the first time since 2022, the Kenyan Communist Party will be running in elections. And to promote their party, Kenyan youths made a rap video.

The video, shared on Twitter, features Kenyan rapper @davinkayostwo who raps about the benefits of voting for the communist party candidate, Booker Nger Omole.

According to Twitter user Martin KN the lyrics can be translated as, "'The others lied a lot, never did their jobs, we eat bones while they eat the meat, they're potbellied cause of the money they robbed us' 'The youth are supporting Booker, he understands our issues, 22 we'll vote him, he can't run from our problems, don't worry we'll have jobs...'"

The video features a group of young Kenyans wearing Communist Party t-shirts, hats, and flags dancing around an open field. This is the second video the group has made.

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The party was founded in 1992 under the name the Social Democratic Party but failed to generate loyalty. In 2002 the party lost all 15 seats in the National Assembly and in 2013 only received 0.15% of vote shares. In 2019 the party changed its name to the Communist Party of Kenya.

The current president of Kenya is Uhuru Kenyatta who is associated with the Jubilee Party but he is ineligible to run again in accordance with Kenya's constitution.

Elections are to be held in August

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