Crab dumplings, duck and figs: Inside Putin and Kim's lavish post-meeting feast

Crab dumplings, duck and figs: Inside Putin and Kim's lavish post-meeting feast
Kim Jong Un Pledges ‘Unconditional Support’ for Russia
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Plotting a “sacred war” with the West is hungry work – and Kim Jong Un’s historic meeting with Vladimir Putin yesterday was no exception.

After five hours of political discussion in which the North Korean and Russian leaders discussed a potential arms and weapons technology deal, they tucked into a lavish feast together.

Unsurprisingly, given their mutual dislike for all things American, there wasn’t a double cheeseburger in sight.

Instead, the two pals had a starter of duck, fig and nectarine, and Russian ‘pelmeni’ dumplings made with Kamchatka crab were also on the menu.

There was also White Amur fish soup and a sorbet of sea buckthorn.

If that wasn’t rich enough for Kim, who now weighs in at 22 stone according to reports in June, the main course was sure to get the two geopolitically ostracised world leaders excited.

The pair guzzled on a choice of sturgeon with mushrooms and potatoes, or an entrecote of marbled beef with grilled vegetables.

It was all washed down with white and red wines from the Divnomorskoe Manor from southern Russia.

And just in case either of them had room for dessert, waiters brought out a dish of red bilberries with pine nuts and condensed milk.

The meeting was a rare opportunity for Putin to welcome one of the Kremlin’s few remaining international allies – and it seems to have gone according to plan.

Kim offered his full support for Russia’s “sacred war” with the West and said North Korea would make bilateral ties between the two countries its number one diplomatic priority.

He said that the war in Ukraine was an attempt to challenge “hegemonist forces” which are trying to undermine Russia’s security.

“Now Russia has risen to the sacred fight to protect its sovereignty and security against the hegemonic forces that oppose Russia. And now we want to further develop the relationship,” Kim said, according to footage broadcast on Russian TV.

“We have always expressed full and unconditional support for all the measures taken by the Russian government, and I take this opportunity again to affirm that we will always be with Russia.”

As for the meal? Looks like a feast fit for a dictator.

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