Lauren Boebert asked for people’s favorite Bible verses and it backfired spectacularly

Sandra Salathe
Monday 17 May 2021 16:17
Lauren Boebert asked for people's favorite Bible verses and it backfired spectacularly(Getty Images)

When Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) isn’t spending her time criticizing her Democratic colleagues, she can be found quoting her favorite verses from the Bible.

On Sunday, when the conservative lawmaker asked her Twitter followers to share theirs, she was met with backlash rather than praise, using the opportunity to call out Boebert on her and her party’s own indiscretions.

“Give away your guns before you ask about the Bible,” wrote one user

“He who practices deceit shall not dwell within my house; He who speaks falsehood shall not maintain his position before me. (Psalm 101:7)” wrote another, in apparent reference to Donald Trump’s big election lie.

Others piled in with digs about the January 6 Capitol riots, and the Republican party’s stance on migrants and refugees.

These are some of the best:

The backlash comes two days after the conspiracy theorist Republican posted another controversial tweet regarding her devotion to former U.S President Donald Trump. On Friday, Boebert immediately received ridicule after tweeting:

“President Trump wasn’t politically correct. He was just correct.”