Laurence Fox involved in road accident in car 'without a valid MOT'

Laurence Fox involved in road accident in car 'without a valid MOT'

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Laurence Fox has taken to Twitter/X to share footage of a crashed car he was travelling in on Saturday (1 June), which was left damaged after it reportedly collided with a London bus.

Earlier that day, Fox attended a rally led by far-right criminal ‘Tommy Robinson’ (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), which saw protesters march on Parliament Square and the former English Defence League (EDL) leader screen a film on “two-tier policing”.

A counter-demonstration by the group Stand Up to Racism against Robinson also took place the same day in Whitehall.

In a news release on Friday outlining its “significant policing operation” in the capital the next day – involving more than 2,000 on-duty police officers – the Metropolitan Police said: “While we are grateful to the main organiser of the protest for comments he has made publicly discouraging violence on Saturday, we do have concerns about the number of those believed to be attending who have links to football disorder.

“When these groups have come together at previous protests we have regrettably seen violence directed at officers. This precedent unavoidably plays a part in shaping the policing approach, including the number and nature of resources allocated to police this particular protest.

“We also understand why the concern goes beyond the potential for officers to be targeted. For some in London, in particular our Muslim communities, comments made by those associated with this event will also cause fear and uncertainty.

“All Londoners have a right to feel and be safe in their city and we will take a zero tolerance approach to any racially or religiously motivated hate crime we become aware of.”

Images shared by the campaign group Hope Not Hate from Robinson’s march see the far-right individual holding up a banner which reads: “This is London, not Londonistan”.

‘Londonistan’ is a racist term used to reference the right-wing idea that Muslims are taking control of the capital.

Hours later, Fox filmed the aftermath of a collision between a silver Audi and a red bus, telling his followers the public transport vehicle “rammed into us” as it was “trying to get into our lane”.

Another man, believed to be the bus driver, is filmed arguing the driver of the car (Fox claims he was not driving) was travelling in a cycle lane.

Social media users have since noted that the silver Audi’s MOT expired in April.

As Fox walked away from the incident, he fumed over “thugs” who were also at the scene, and repeatedly stated he “[hates] this town”.

It echoes previous remarks from the actor-turned-political campaigner (he leads the Reclaim Party) and ex-GB News host last month, when he announced he had previously made the decision to “leave this s***hole in anticipation of a Sadiq Khan victory” in the London mayoral election from July.

Indy100 reached out to Fox's representative for comment.

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