Lee Anderson recalls son's 'shocking' revelation after returning from university

Lee Anderson recalls son's 'shocking' revelation after returning from university
Lee Anderson recalls son's 'shocking' revelation after returning from university

The often outspoken and widely derided Tory MP Lee Anderson has earned comparisons to Alan Patridge after talking about his son's 'shocking' revelation upon returning home from university.

Anderson, who has his own show on GB News called Real Talk was discussing the new set of students that will begin attending UK universities for the first time in the next few months.

However, Anderson's address took a rather serious tone when he claimed that there are certain groups of people trying to "influence and indoctrinate" youngsters.

The 56-year-old MP for Ashfield began by saying: "In just a few months time, young men and young women from all over the country will be going to university, a place of learning. They’re going to have a good time, they’re going to work hard and hopefully get better careers.

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“But in the meantime, in our universities there are a certain group of people who are trying to influence and indoctrinate our young people.”

He then began to recall what had happened to his son Harry when he went to university in Sheffield 10 years ago. Anderson continued: "I didn’t see him for months, he came back different. He had long hair, he had a beard. His clothes were different, a different attitude and outlook on life. I thought – ‘my goodness, Harry, what’s happened to you.’

"He sat down with me on the settee, he put his arm on my hand and he says: ‘Dad, I’ve been away for a few months now and I’ve come back and I’m not the Harry that went away all those months ago. I’m different now, I’m a different person.'”

Well, reader, you won't believe what Harry told his father: "He looked into my eyes and said 'Dad, look, I've got to tell you something about myself.' He said 'I am...' I thought 'Harry, just get on with it. You are my son, I love you whatever you are.'

"He said 'Dad, I'm a vegetarian.' Shocking, absolutely shocking. Let that be a warning to you."

Now it's hard to tell how much of this is real and how serious Anderson is being but nonetheless, Anderson has seen his story mocked on social media with many comparing it to something Alan Patridge would say on his radio show.

Anderson's son being a veggie isn't the only thing he should be worried about. His own constituents in Ashfield have launched a campaign to vote him out at the next election.

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