Liz Truss writes 'TL;DR' and emojis on government documents, Emily Thornberry claims

Liz Truss writes 'TL;DR' and emojis on government documents, Emily Thornberry claims

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We get it: politics is detailed, sometimes confusing and incredibly complex, but allegedly writing “TL;DR” and drawing emojis on policy documents rather takes the proverbial biscuit.

Yet that’s what shadow attorney general and former shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry claimed Liz Truss does in a fiery Twitter thread shared on Tuesday afternoon.

“Having spent 18 months shadowing Liz Truss, the idea of her not realising what she’s signed up to is not exactly novel: the freeports fiasco, the shipbuilding blunder, the list goes on," she tweeted,

“After all, this is the minister who writes TL;DR with dead eye emojis on policy submissions."

She also clarified that ‘TL;DR’ stands for “too long; didn’t read”, for those not familiar with the latest internet lingo.

It comes after the Tory leadership hopeful had to perform a screeching U-turn yesterday over proposed public sector pay cuts to workers in poorer areas - barely 12 hours after the policy was announced.

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Ms Truss told the BBC her proposals had been “misrepresented”, adding: “I never had any intention of changing the terms and conditions of teachers and nurses.

“But what I want to be clear about is I will not be going ahead with the regional pay boards, that is no longer my policy.”

Ms Thornberry’s allegation, which Ms Truss is yet to respond to publicly, hasn’t surprised social media users, given the Tories’ track record:

TL;DR: Emily Thornberry has alleged that Liz Truss writes an abbreviation of ‘too long, didn’t read’ and draws emojis on policy documents. You’re welcome.

Indy100 has approached Liz Truss’ representatives and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office for comment.

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