QAnon congresswoman MGT roasted after impersonating ‘Mexican cartel member’ with outrageous accent

Marjorie Taylor Greene leave US Capitol

Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has once again sparked outrage - this time due to impersonating a member of a people-smuggling cartel with a lazy Mexican accent.

While headlining a Republican fundraiser on Thursday with Florida representative Matt Gaetz, Greene put on a cartoonish voice while claiming that the Biden administration is “in business of helping the Cartel.”

“The Cartels love the Democrats,” Greene told the crowd, in a speech that sounded more like a failed stand up routine than a political stance. “Yeah, they’re down there like this: we’re making a lot of money off of Biden, Joe Biden.”

The congresswoman added: “That’s my really bad Mexican accent.”

The fundraiser, held in Dalton, Georgia, was the latest stop on Gaetz and Greene’s America First tour, which kicked off earlier this month in South Florida. As two of the most fervent supporters of Donald Trump, the two are using their time in congress to spread the former president’s messages of nationalism and racism across their base’s key locations.

Greene is largely known in congress for believing the QAnon conspiracy theory that largely fell apart after Trump did not manage to hold onto the presidency after his supporters staged an insurrection.

Mr Gaetz’s associate, Joel Greenberg, pleaded guilty last week to six federal charges, admitting he had knowingly solicited and paid for sex from a minor. Several legal commentators have said that Mr Greenberg taking a plea deal may be a problem for Mr Gaetz, who has close connection to Greenberg’s dealings.

Gaetz and Greene raised a combined $4 million in fundraising in the first quarter of this year.

Their shared tour is meant to boost that dollar amount, and, most likely, support runs for higher offices.

Both are using their moments in their own spotlights to remind audiences that they’re willing to go to whatever completely absurd lengths available to maintain their own power. While Greene focused on anti-immigrant racism, Gaetz used the mic to assure Republicans that Constitutionally-granted access to “armed rebellion” remains a priority for him.

“The Second Amendment is about maintaining, within the citizenry, the ability to maintain an armed rebellion against the government if that becomes necessary,” Gaetz told the Georgia crowd.

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