They say 13 is unlucky for some, and controversial Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene certainly made the “wrong call” when she posted the phone numbers of House representatives who supported President Joe Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Pun most definitely intended.

The Georgia congresswoman shared the numbers – which are publicly available – on Twitter on Saturday, a day after the House of Representatives approved Biden’s $1.2 trillion plan for improvements to roads, bridges and other “hard infrastructure”.

Tweeting the details, Greene wrote: “These are the 13 ‘Republicans’ who handed over their voting cards to Nancy Pelosi to pass Joe Biden’s Communist takeover of America via so-called infrastructure”.

One of them, Michigan’s Fred Upton, went on to share information about one of the voicemails he received for supporting Biden’s support package.

“I hope you die. I hope everybody in your f**king family dies,” it said, calling him a “f**king piece of s*** traitor”.

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Mr Upton described the call – which he said did not come from a constituent – as a “real step back”, noting that Greene had tweeted out his number to her 456,000 followers.

However, according to POLITICO reporter Olivia Beavers, the office of one Republican mentioned in Greene’s post decided to redirect all of their incoming calls to the Georgia politician’s office.

“She can answer the phones,” the source said.

Twitter users have since expressed their glee at the “brilliant” move from the unnamed politician:

In a statement published by The Washington Post on Tuesday, Greene defended her tweet and said: “As a member of Congress who receives constant death threats and death wishes from the radical left, I certainly know what it feels like and I don’t condone it.”

She went on to add that American citizens should continue to call “the unlucky 13” and “politely say how they feel about these traitor Republicans voting to pass Joe Biden’s Communist agenda.”

Ah yes, because the word “traitor” sure sounds like a polite way to speak to someone – not.

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