Marco Rubio says he can't go to State of the Union because two-minute Covid test takes too long

Marco Rubio says he can't go to State of the Union because two-minute Covid test takes too long
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On Monday, Sen. Marco Rubio(R-FL), who has made controversial comments about Covid-19 rules in the past, said that he wouldn't attend President Joe Biden's State of the Union address before Congress on Tuesday because the 2-minute Covid test takes too long.

"I don't have time to go take a Covid test today. I only take a test if I'm sick," Rubio said, according to a tweet from HuffPost reporter Igor Bobic.

Once people saw this on social media, they quickly called out Rubio for his sentiments.

"We need a Dr. Suess book about being able to take a test near or far. In the bar or in the car," one wrote.

"Our son took a Covid test last night to return to work in person today. He wasn't sick either. It's what you do. (It was negative)," another added.

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A third wrote: "Rubio gets paid $174,000.00 annually by taxpayers, and he won't attend. The test takes a few minutes, and [the] results are in 20 minutes. Such devotion to America by a fine patriot. Ha ha ha!"

According to The Hill, Rubio's office confirmed his plans.

On Friday, he complained about the State of the Union's requirements while giving his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

"You've got to show them I'm vaccinated. I took a test yesterday. They took my temperature, you know, all this stuff," he said.

"This is, what's happening now in America, is what happens after 20 years of infusing this Marxist thought process into every aspect of our lives and now we've come face-to-face with it."

The House decided to lift mask mandates ahead of Biden's address on Tuesday, making mask usage optional throughout the Capitol's complex.

The White House said that they are putting an end to the mask requirement for employees who have received full Covid vaccinations.

Indy100 reached out to Rubio's team for comment.

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