Twitter account pretending to be Margaret Thatcher causes confusion

Twitter account pretending to be Margaret Thatcher causes confusion
New statue of Margaret Thatcher egged

A Twitter account dedicated to sharing quotes from the late prime minister Margaret Thatcher has gained some newfound attention this week - exactly the kind one would expect for a politician who was so divisive.

And, thanks to Elon Musk opening up Twitter’s verified checkmark - previously reserved for legitimate accounts for public figures - to more users who are willing to shell out $8 a month for the elite status, some did express concern that the controversial ‘Iron Lady’ might have been resurrected somehow.

One particular tweet which has done the rounds online reads: “I love argument, I love debate. I don't expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that's not their job.”

Not that anyone needed reminding of that fact, as Twitter users relished an opportunity to fire off edgy jokes about the deceased Tory.

“Is there decent WiFi down there, Maggie,” asked one tweeter.

Another response offered up a Thatcher quote of their own – albeit one completely made up.

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“The problem with p***ing on my grave is that you eventually run out of p***,” it reads.

One reply simply contained an image of a Scottish woman – a woman who said she would “put a stake through her heart and garlic round her neck to make sure she never come back” when she was interviewed about Thatcher’s funeral.

Meanwhile supporters of Thatcher have claimed the politician “lives rent-free” in the minds of her critics and expressed glee at just how riled up people are getting.

Responding to one Twitter user who pointed out the account paid $8 for access to Twitter Blue and a verified tick, the Thatcher profile replied: “Look at all the quote tweets to see how outraged and upset you all are about it. Worth every penny.”

Good to know political discourse on Twitter continues to be as healthy as ever…

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