Marjorie Taylor Greene says people treat her like she's crazy - during appearance on InfoWars

Marjorie Taylor Greene says people treat her like she's crazy - during appearance on InfoWars
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InfoWars has a reputation for being a place where conspiracy theorists can kick back and be themselves and fully share the radical thoughts they have been brewing.

Whether it's Alex Jones going on an unhinged rant about the New World Order's team (which apparently includes Donald Trump) or spreading dangerous lies about the US Capitol riot—the conspiracy media outlet isn't exactly a haven for reliable news.

Marjorie Taylor Greene recently appeared on InfoWars to complain about the fact that people treat her like she's crazy, and her choice of platform probably didn't help her case.

In fact, it's pretty much the worst place she could have done so.

“It just bothers me so much. They treat me as if I’m some kind of crazy person - like I have 3 horns coming out of my head. But what they don’t understand is, they’re the ones that are crazy," she said.

"I am not crazy, claims the person with the glowing INFOWARS logo behind her," tweeted Aaron Rupar of the politician's appearance.

"My 'I’m not crazy' message that I delivered on Alex Jones’s podcast has a lot of people asking questions already answered by me going on Alex Jones’s podcast," wrote The Daily Beast's Matt Fuller.

"Going on InfoWars to convince people you aren’t crazy is like joining the KKK to prove you aren’t racist," commented one Twitter user.

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"Nothing screams, 'I’m a totally normal and smart politician' like choosing to deliver that message on Infowars," said Blake Herzinger.

Joe Walsh tweeted: "Hey @RepMTG, anyone who goes on The Alex Jones show IS crazy. Therefore, you are crazy. And you deserve to be called crazy."

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