Condemnation as Michael Gove mobbed by group of anti-vaxxer protesters

Condemnation as Michael Gove mobbed by group of anti-vaxxer protesters

A group of anti-vaxx protesters have been condemned after they mobbed Michael Gove today while he was walking down a road.

The minister was walking through Westminster when he was accosted by the group, closely followed by a large group of police who formed a ring around him, escorted him inside a government building, and pushed the protesters away.

The protesters were part of a march organised by groups Official Voice and GB Resistance who are campaigning against lockdowns and the vaccine. They shouted “arrest Michael Gove” and demanded that he “justify” past lockdowns put in place to control the spread of coronavirus. They also swore at the minister and tried to film him.

The shocking scenes come days after Conservative MP David Amess was killed while holding a surgery for his constituents. His death has ignited debates around the level of security MPs have.

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Responding to clips of the incident which circulated on social media, people - including MPs and other public figures - were furious:

Speaking to the Evening Standard, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said: “The approach we have taken, particularly on issues such as vaccination, is to provide clarity and information to provide reassurance to those who have legitimate questions.

“What is completely unacceptable is for those who disagree with our approach to try and target individuals, be they ministers or schools or parents and children.

“That sort of behaviour is abhorrent and will never be tolerated in a democratic society.”

The Metropolitan Police also tweeted about the incident, saying: “We’re aware of a protest in Westminster today which is marching to a number of locations.

“During this protest, a group attempted to surround a Member of Parliament on Horseferry Road.

“Our officers were immediately on scene where they safely escorted him to a nearby building. There were no arrests.

“We know there is footage circulating online of this incident, we will review this and our officers body worn video to see if any offences occurred.”

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